It is Now Possible to Convert Your TV or Monitor to be Multi-Touch Screen

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Tabler TV offers revolutionary solution that enables you to upgrade and convert your conventional LCD TV into the one with interactive multi-touch screen display in less than a minute. Yes, you are unnecessarily to buy new set of touch-screen TV in order to get all the excitements. Instead, all you need to do is just to install Tabler which formed as an additional layer of screen in front of your TV or monitor. It will collaborate with iStick Mini Computer to create stunning display on your screen as well as 3D boost capability to give you whole new viewing experience.


Tabler TV is highly recommended for businesses whom wanted to upgrade their display monitor or TV, and give their customers or visitors new experience to enjoy. Aside of that, by installing Tabler TV, it will save you much of your business fund, especially compared to if you replace these conventional LCD TV to the expensive touch-screen display. With affordable pricing of it, you can get all the features and services offered by real touch-screen display, you can even Convert your TV into a Large MultiTouch Touch Screen Table in a glance.


Just whenever you feel curious to know more about Tabler TV, you can visit Tabler.TV. Here you’ll be introduced to the device, how it works, installation guidance, and many more. And for you to know, Tabler TV is currently only compatible to certain TV model and series, which is why it is strongly recommended to check the site first to make sure you’re purchasing Tabler TV that is fully compatible to your current TV or monitor.

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