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Survival Garden

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Everyone has to buy food but you can benefit both monetarily and health wise from growing your own either in a garden or in containers indoors. For just a few dollars, you’ll be able to save hundreds or perhaps thousands. Don’t be dissuaded if you’ve never done it. Nature can take care of most of it for you. After all, things have been growing without our help for a long time. Some sites are daunting with all of the information out there but basically you need to dig a hole, plant a seed and water. (Seed packs display instructions also.)

You may have heard of heritage or heirloom seeds, which are simply seeds from plants that are passed down from back around 50 years ago or more when food didn’t taste like the container that they come in, not to mention the greater health benefits. They will not be genetically modified as some that you may buy in stores or online today.

If you search online, you’ll locate many companies offering these types of seeds.

Note: It may be necessary to “hide” your plants to avoid thievery when it all hits the fan. Look for this to be a problem very soon. Try spreading your plots out in indiscrete areas around your house or even in public areas. Most people don’t know what a potato or carrot plant looks like and won’t mess with them.

Four seasons gardening is another option and will give you a year round food supply. You will probably need fluorescent or special grow lights for this but they will pay for themselves many times over. Just keep them on movable ropes or possibly a pulley system to keep them a few inches above the plants. A south facing window might just do the trick though as this will give them extended periods of sunshine.

You should try to water your plants at least every few days or more depending on the weather.

One easy way to do this is to set up a sprinkler system or soaker hoses. Just buy some connectors where you can hook three or more hoses up as needed. If done right, all you’ll have to do is turn on the faucet in the morning for about 20 minutes and everything is done for you. If you want to get fancy, you can even buy a timer for a few bucks from the garden section and hook that up, which is easier than you might think. Of course, to save on the o’le water bill, you can use collected rain and what they call gray water from doing laundry, dishes or baths as long as it doesn’t contain bleach or other harsh chemicals. Dish soap, shampoo, conditioner, detergent and bar soap is okay.

Depending on the spare time available, you may want to maintain a compost pile of leftovers (no meats or dairy and some say to stay away from putting cooked food in to avoid vermin). Mix this with leaves, grass (unless it has been treated with weed killer, etc.), paper and cardboard strips (not glossy) and add water periodically to keep it moist. When it becomes the consistency of a crumbly soil, after about 3 months usually, it’s ready to mix in your soil or spread on top. Peat moss is also good for that and comes in big bags for a reasonable price from a lot of places. Other things such as sawdust, cow and horse manure (not from pets), and sand (if your soil is more clay like) may also be added.

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Garden Design

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If you are looking for some useful tips on elegant garden design, look no further than egardendesign.eu for every bit of useful information on your flower and garden as well as great garden accessories. Egardendesign.eu will provide you with excellent ideas on garden design that you can use to make your garden seem like the most beautiful part of your house. You will get handy hints and authentic information on various aspects of garden design, including garden furniture, herb selections, garden accessories and toys, flower ideas, garden games and leisure activities centered round your garden, irrigating your garden to ensure that you use water efficiently without endangering the health of your flowers and plants. In addition, you will also find information on garden furniture, garden lighting, garden tools, and even tips on how to build a swimming pool in your garden! Here we discuss some of the most notable features of egardendesign.eu.

The basis of a beautiful garden is garden design.

On egardendesign.eu you will learn about the various principles of garden design that professional landscapers use in their own garden design projects. You will learn through clear and lucid descriptions of popular garden designs from all over the world. These garden designs include zen garden designs, English garden designs, Italian garden designs, hanging gardens, water gardens. You will also be able to read on various commonly used structures in garden design.

On egardendesign.eu you will also find an incredible volume of information on beautiful flowers for your garden. Instead of giving instructions on how to grow these flowers in your garden, the flower section gives detailed information on the varieties and growing conditions of several garden flowers including the rose, tulip, daisy, lilac, orchid, and many more.

Beginners will find the flower section very helpful as it provides information on flower and garden in an easy to understand manner. This does not mean that the flower section is not useful for expert gardeners. For the more experienced gardeners and hobbyists, the flower section will tell you how you can extend your passion for flowers further by making flower selling your business.

Another useful section of egardendesign.eu is the garden accessories section. Like garden flowers, garden accessories also have an important function in garden design. They make the garden a comfortable place to be and enjoy the beauty. Garden toys can especially make the garden inviting to children. In the garden accessories section, you will find valuable the different types of garden accessories you can use to enhance your garden design, depending on the size of your garden. For instance, there are separate links to flower pots and planters for your flowers, barbecue grills and fountains. Each of these garden accessories has a specific role in your overall garden design. They provide a focal point where you and your family can come together and enjoy the natural beauty of your garden.

Apart from sections on garden design, flowers, and garden accessories, there are also sections on garden tools, recipes using flowers, flower decorations, centerpiece flowers, bouquet flowers, and even the special meanings associated with different flowers.


You can now design and construct beautiful gardens at your home by getting info related to garden design at egardendesign.eu.

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Garden Egg Chair

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Garden Egg chair

Garden Egg chair

Designer : Peter Ghyczy

Date : 1968

Country : Germany

Materials : Polyurethane frame. Leather or fabric inner.

Style/Tradition : Modernist

Dimensions: 84x74x98cm (WxDxH)

Colours : variable


This chair was designed in 1968 and intended for outdoor use. The Garden egg chair thrives on its versatility. The outside consists of a hard, resistant shell which protects the chair, making it completely water proof when flipping down the top.

The inside then, represents the Gardeneggchair softer side, with a detachable textile cover on the comfortable cushion. Both the exterior as well as the cushion cover are available in a series of colours, allowing for enough mixing and matching to ensure a Gardeneggchair which best reflects one personality.

All in all, it makes the chair perfect for outdoor use all year around, without taking away the fact that it would add flair to any indoor area as well.


The Gardeneggchair is a classic among designer furniture. It have been given many names, like senftenberger ei, pod chair, lf and garden(egg)chair. It is designed by Peter Ghyczy head of the design department at Elastogran / Reuter. First production made in 1968. Elastogran / Reuter was producing the plastic Polyurethane and selling it worldwide. Peter Ghyczy was contracted to create a design centre, where industrial clients were shown the possibilities of Polyurethane. The garden egg chair is one of the first chairs designed and produced in Polyurethane.

Having reached the land-mark age of 40, the garden egg chair has not stood still in its development during these years, more suitable materials being substituted for previous ones as technology progressed.

After a stint of being produced by East-German firm VEB-Synthese-Werk, since 1998 the Gardeneggchair has returned home, with its base of production at Ghyczy Selection BV in the Netherlands. It is now sold under its own brand name garden(egg)chair. www.gardeneggchair.com


Peter Ghyczy (1940) left his native Hungary in 1956 on account of that year revolution, for West-Germany. There, he completed his secondary education, as well as studying sculpture at the Dsseldorf Art Academy, and architecture at Aachen University. It was after this, that Peter Ghyczy became head of the design department at Elastogran / Reuter, and developed the Gardeneggchair in 1968. Feeling limited by the conventional approach of Elastogran / Reuter, Peter Ghyczy left in 1972.

He again traded in his country of residence, moving to the Netherlands and founding the firm Ghyczy Selection BV, where production of the gardeneggchair has been based since 1998.

Perhaps the essence of Peter Ghyczy work, and what signifies him as a designer most, are the smooth blends that he manages to create out of seemingly contradictive concepts. The elements of classical Modernism that can be found in his designs demonstrate this clearly, as well as the Art Deco which manages to live alongside a quick, subtly playful style.

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Garden Studios

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Garden studios make a fantastic addition to almost any garden. As these are made to measure they can be built in almost any garden. Of course for a luxury garden studio you’ll probably need a large garden space.

Garden studios can be used for any reason, as they make fantastic work and play areas. When it comes to work there are many of us that would love to be able to work from home. Often we have the opportunity to do this but we simply do not have the space at home to take advantage of the chance. Working from home is a fantastic opportunity allowing you to stay at home with your family and get work done.

Having a garden studio installed can be a great compromise because you can have this built into an office. Often when we think about buildings in our garden we assume that something along the lines of a garden shed is our only option.

A garden studio is a massive leap up from this and really does just become an extra room in your home.

When we buy a home we don’t always think forward to our family growing or situations changing. Sometimes before we know it we have more children than we planned. Whilst we wouldn’t change this for the world, it can leave us in a home that is cramped and crowded.

This is another circumstance where having a garden studio installed can be an advantage. A play room for the children for example, to give you all a bit of extra space.

Whatever your reason for thinking a garden studio could benefit you, a garden studio company should be able to accommodate. Make sure you look around for the different options, because you want to make sure that the one you are buying is built to last. Some for example offer a 10 year guarantee, which helps give you piece of mind that you are going to get great value for money.

Have a look online at the different styles that are available because you should be able to find something that suits you with no problem at all.

lodgebuilders.com have a wide selection of luxurious Garden Studios they’re priced for a competitive market, visit our site for more information!

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Garden Studios

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Struggling for space for a home studio?

Are you taking on a new hobby, or starting your own business and need a suitable setting? Have you thought about the garden? Sure it might just be an expense of grass and landscaping at the moment, but a wooden garden studio could blend right in with the surroundings.

Quality Garden Studios are the ideal answer when space is tight within the home. Various designs of Garden Studios are available; with plenty of size options and budgets to suit all pockets.

Supplied and constructed by reliable UK manufacturers, Garden Studios are highly versatile, making them ideal for a variety of purposes. Made from the finest of material, the hardwearing Garden Studios look amazing in a host of outdoor settings.

Why not turn one of the Garden Studios into a home office?

There are a growing number of people working from home these days and Garden Studios provide a sensible work from home solution. If you work from home at the moment you know how distracting it can be on certain days, with people knocking on the door and the home phone forever ringing.

This isnt a problem when Garden Studios are erected. People have a dedicated work area that is separate from the main house. The Garden Studios provide that physical detachment from the main residence and this can be a blessing when you have a stack of work to pile through.

Make enquiries about Garden Studios if you are finding it hard to work from home at the moment, due to continual interruptions in the house.

Workout inside Garden Studios

Want to get fit for the summer? Forget joining a gym, you could create your own workout HQ inside one of the Garden Studios. Top grade Garden Studios are perfect to use for training sessions. Fill one of the Garden Studios with your favourite gym equipment and you can lose pounds and increase your stamina anytime that you like.

People have turned Garden Studios into saunas, weight training centres and places to pound treadmills in the past, and theres nothing like having your very own gym outside your back door.

Of course, once you have invested in one of the Garden Studios you can change its use anytime that you like, thats the beauty of these sturdy outdoor structures.

Lodgebuilders.com offer the ultimate in Garden Studios. We manufacture and install, usually without the need for planning permission, with a 10 year guarantee. Visit us now for Garden Studios.

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Garden Sofas

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The appropriate out of doors furnishings as nicely as accessories for your garden adds beauty to the design of your garden. Adding garden furnishings such as a garden sofa does not only accentuates your garden but also creates an outside space and extra space to hang out in your home. The beauty of creating an outside space for your property is you really don’t have to hire builders, plumbers or electricians to create an outside space. Most of the time buying the correct set off garden furnishings does the trick. Knowing the guidelines on obtaining will gain you when its time to select the great garden furniture set.When getting for a garden sofa, it is essential to look at what material its produced off. Since the sofa will be located outdoors, supplies that are capable to stand sunlight, rain and climate problems are hugely encouraged. Wood products are suggested as nicely as out of doors rattan furnishings and out of doors wicker furniture. The magnificence of outside rattan furnishings and outside wicker furnishings is that it does not go out of pattern and most are stylishly designed to suit any garden design and style. Other components you can pick from are aluminum, recycled plastic components, steel or teak.
There are also distinct kind and designs that you have to think about. Just mainly because its a garden sofa, does not mean that you are only stuck with one particular design and style. You will be shocked how quite a few furniture designers have presented whole lot of assumed about outside garden furnishings. Some of the designs you can select from are really like seat sofa, sectional sofa and other out of doors sofa. The sofa dimension and realizing how a lot seat potential you want for the sofa would also aid you when obtaining one. If you have a huge area in your garden, acquiring a sectional sofa is highly suggested. It is also encouraged to acquire a piece with striking design and style and make it a centerpiece in your garden.
The kind of finishing is also equally critical. This is most specially true when acquiring for a wood garden sofa. Make guaranteed that the wood furniture is chemically treated to be much more sturdy. Some finishing would also have an effect on the color of the furniture but most of the time all-natural wood colour appears additional appealing. Picking the ideal colour is vital and is generally the very first point that is discovered in garden furnishings. Plastic products have a lot more colour alternatives that wood materials whilst steel and aluminum are frequently constrained. Daring and striking hues are very good for a modern search and contemporary come to feel for a garden, neutral shades and normal colors offers out that region charm.
Thinking of the special characteristic would also position you to the proper path. An illustration of a unique function when it arrives to garden sofa is if it is eco-friendly or not. Then there is the finances and value. How significantly are you willing to devote on out of doors furnishings? Breaking your bank account for out of doors furniture is not useful at all but occasionally durable material is a lot high-priced. Resilient furniture is definitely really worth the investment and really should be the priority when it arrives to buying the correct out of doors furniture.

For more information visit: Garden Sofas

Gerard Kent is a senior associate at Furniture Company 247 and has invested numerous decades in the Garden Sofas Industry.

To find more about rattan garden furniture
rattan garden furniture
Garden Sofas visit the site at http://www.thefurniturecompany247.co.uk

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Smokeys Garden

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Growing Daylilies

Daylilies are thought to be the easiest plant for beginners as they are able to grow in a wide range of zones and they are low maintenance to care for, they dont need a lot of attention. Even though daylilies are sun lovers, they can be kind of tricky when it comes to light exposure, it will depend on how hot your region is. If you live in an area that is typically hotter, you may want to plant them where they will receive partial shade so that colors do not fade. However, if you are in a cooler region, you will want them to be in full sunlight to get maximum exposure. As well, daylilies are most effectively planted in bunches of many clumps and not just because they look good. They will also act as a fire barrier due to the large volume of water that the roots absorb and store. Daylilies will even look good as a flower border or anywhere else you put them. Now that you know where to plant, it is time to learn the how…
You will want to start by digging a hole where you will plant the first clump. You will want the hole to be just a bit bigger than the roots, enough that they will have room to spread out. As you are placing the plant in the hole, you will want to ensure that the roots are pointing downward and outward. Now carefully start packing soil around the roots, but not too roughly. You will want to put the crown a maximum of 1 under the surface of the soil. Although it is rare for disease to take hold of your new plants, other pests such as; ants and aphids may munch on the flower buds. To keep them away you can either spray just or 1 part dishwashing detergent with 12 parts water, both will work. Now you should see even a little growth in the next few days, however, they will be in full form by 4-6 weeks. So be patient and the beauty and colors of your newly bloomed daylilies will be well worth the wait.
Once they are in full bloom they are ready to pick. Although they are not normally used in formal flower arrangements, daylilies are very nice as just cut and loose in a vase. Also another way to use your daylilies is in your cooking. Many people are unaware that the Chinese have been using them for years in cooking known dishes such as; Hot & Sour Soup and Tofu Mushroom Soup. Researchers have even done studies and found that some daylilies contain as much vitamin C as a medium sized orange. Now you can get even more use out of daylilies. See more reasons why daylilies are so good.
Now keep in mind, since they are perennials, they will grow back every year, for years to come. This means you will have to do some maintenance because daylilies propagate very easily. So every 5 years, roughly, you will want to go through and separate the clumps to prevent overcrowding. And depending on how many plants you have together, you may need to do that more frequently. Just follow these guidelines and keep up with the maintenance to ensure you get the best daylilies on your block this year!

http://dayliliesforsale.com Smokey’s Daylily Garden

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Garden Furniture

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What are the advantages of a great garden? Being able to relax and enjoy afternoon tea in the peaceful setting. Smelling the flowers, and being comfortable in your garden furniture. A garden is a place where you can relax and let go of the stresses that are invading your life. A garden is the perfect setting, should it be equipped right to be that solitude that each of us needs in life. In garden furniture, basically, there are four types of garden furniture.

Aluminum garden furniture

Aluminum is one of the most common of the materials used in garden furniture. The furniture is used to beautify your garden while being affordable. When comparing the aluminum garden furniture with other types of garden furniture, the aluminum garden furniture is extremely affordable.

The furniture is also durable and has a long life span. There are many different designs and colors making a wide selection of choices.

Wicker garden furniture

Wicker is another beautiful material in garden furniture. The furniture is elegant and fresh. However, with wicker garden furniture, the furniture should be kept in areas that are covered or shaded. The materials should not be exposed to strong rains and extreme heat conditions. Wicker is made of natural materials, which provides a natural setting for your garden. The furniture can be painted in a variety of colors which allows for diversity. The wicker garden furniture does require proper care and maintenance in order to be able to withstand the outdoor conditions. There are also a variety of cushions that you can add to the wicker furniture which makes for truly comfortable seating.

Wood garden furniture

Wood is another material used in garden furniture, which is a natural material, and exceptionally elegant.

Wood garden furniture can be in a natural wood or painted wood or stained wood. There are different types of wood that you can choose from in a patio garden furniture such as cedar and teak, which are two of the most common woods in the furniture. The woods are insect and moisture resilient, so they are durable and when properly cared for will last a decent amount of time.

Cast iron garden furniture

Cast iron garden furniture, or wrought iron, as it is often referred to is a highly sophisticated garden furniture and one that is tremendously appealing. Of the garden furniture, it is the most decorative. There are many different types of designs such as lattice patterns, scrolls and more. The furniture is durable and is weather resistant, and has a long lifespan when properly cared for. For small seating for gardens, this is the perfect furniture to choose.

The various types of garden furniture come in various prices. When selecting garden furniture for your garden it is important to take into consideration your budget. It will also be necessary to determine where the furniture will be and what weather conditions the furniture will be exposed to. Also, you will want to determine the amount of care that you are willing to give to the furniture. These factors will all help you to select the best garden furniture for your garden.

Visit the site Gardenfurniture-rif.com to find information on garden furniture. Besides this the site also touches innumerable others aspects of gardening and provides detailed info to garden enthusiasts.

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Garden Accessories

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Garden accessories do not necessarily mean furniture. There are many garden accessories that are used in both winder and summer such as barbecues, fountains and planters. When it comes to the garden, there is never enough comfort, and garden accessories are accessories that not only enhance the appearance of the garden but make the garden truly comfortable. For most of us, our gardens are our place of relaxation. Our solitude. Our entertaining room. The garden serves many purposes and a well planned garden with the right accessories is obviously a creation that each of us enjoys.


Planters are popular in balconies and terraces and gardens. In fact, when we consider a garden, the planter is most commonly associated with the garden. There are many reasons why. Planters and flower boxes are space for the flowers to thrive and a means to beautify the flowers and plants. Planters and flower boxes are practical and durable and provide the personal touch that makes a garden area so inviting. There are different materials that the planters and flower boxes are made of such as plastic, stone or terracotta, and wood. There are many different styles in planters and flower boxes such as ones that hang or hook directly to a balcony railing. Grids can also be used for climbing plants. Planter and flower boxes give the garden character and personality and a welcoming “home” feeling.


For the garden, gas barbecues are the most popular. The barbecue is fueled by gas, heats up quickly and provides for a professional, even cook. The lava rock in the gas barbecue retains the heat in the barbecue and cooks at even temperatures. The gas barbecues come in many different design and offer many different features such as side burners and counter space.


Fountains are works of art and are hydraulically engineered. There are drinking fountains and water fountains that are ornamental and provide the character and charm that a garden possesses. Garden fountains are made most often of stone. The fountains are characterized by a base, a tank that collects water and a top from which the water flows. They are a peaceful accessory for a garden and one that provide us hours of relaxing enjoyment.


Gazebos are an extraordinarily powerful piece of garden furniture that allows garden users shelter from the hot summer sun. They also allow garden users to enjoy the garden year round protecting them from weather conditions. Often times, gazebos are the focal point of a garden. They are the meeting place that provides comfort to garden users. There are various shapes, sizes and styles of the gazebo. The classic shape is hexagonal, although they come in many other shapes, as well. Gazebos are an attractive addition to the garden which gives the garden appeal.

Garden accessories can be anything from ordinary to elegant. Each provides the garden with additional beauty and sophistication. From simple planters to gazebos, each contributes a personal touch to the garden, and each is something that makes a garden truly unique.

Make your garden look more beautiful and attractive by adding some garden accessories to your garden available at egardenaccessories.com.

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Garden Buildings

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Many people that have gardens feel like it’s not quite complete. The answer is simple, build a garden building. What are we talking about you may ask? Well many gardens and yards could use some type of structure to add practicality and style to the garden or yard. There are many different types of garden buildings and one may work better than the other for you specific garden.

Garden sheds are very popular as they add functionality and style to your garden. These buildings are perfect because you can store garden items like a lawn mower, shovels, rakes, spades, and anything else you use in your yard. Shed’s can look really nice and can add a lot of style to your property.

Garden Gazebo’s are also a very popular structure as they make your garden or yard much more fun. How does it do this? A gazebo is usually a covered patio in a sense that people can eat under, play games, or just sit in the shade and enjoy their garden.

Gazebo’s can be designed very stylishly and can add a lot of pop to your yard.

Decks are another great way to show off the yard. A deck is easy to clean, and easy to maintain. They are also nice because it provides a clean large area to entertain guests, eat, or even place chairs around to talk and visit.

These are just a few of the different garden building structures out there, but honestly a garden building can add so much to your garden!

Greg writes articles about garden buildings and for garden gazebo

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