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Garden Design

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If you are looking for some useful tips on elegant garden design, look no further than egardendesign.eu for every bit of useful information on your flower and garden as well as great garden accessories. Egardendesign.eu will provide you with excellent ideas on garden design that you can use to make your garden seem like the most beautiful part of your house. You will get handy hints and authentic information on various aspects of garden design, including garden furniture, herb selections, garden accessories and toys, flower ideas, garden games and leisure activities centered round your garden, irrigating your garden to ensure that you use water efficiently without endangering the health of your flowers and plants. In addition, you will also find information on garden furniture, garden lighting, garden tools, and even tips on how to build a swimming pool in your garden! Here we discuss some of the most notable features of egardendesign.eu.

The basis of a beautiful garden is garden design.

On egardendesign.eu you will learn about the various principles of garden design that professional landscapers use in their own garden design projects. You will learn through clear and lucid descriptions of popular garden designs from all over the world. These garden designs include zen garden designs, English garden designs, Italian garden designs, hanging gardens, water gardens. You will also be able to read on various commonly used structures in garden design.

On egardendesign.eu you will also find an incredible volume of information on beautiful flowers for your garden. Instead of giving instructions on how to grow these flowers in your garden, the flower section gives detailed information on the varieties and growing conditions of several garden flowers including the rose, tulip, daisy, lilac, orchid, and many more.

Beginners will find the flower section very helpful as it provides information on flower and garden in an easy to understand manner. This does not mean that the flower section is not useful for expert gardeners. For the more experienced gardeners and hobbyists, the flower section will tell you how you can extend your passion for flowers further by making flower selling your business.

Another useful section of egardendesign.eu is the garden accessories section. Like garden flowers, garden accessories also have an important function in garden design. They make the garden a comfortable place to be and enjoy the beauty. Garden toys can especially make the garden inviting to children. In the garden accessories section, you will find valuable the different types of garden accessories you can use to enhance your garden design, depending on the size of your garden. For instance, there are separate links to flower pots and planters for your flowers, barbecue grills and fountains. Each of these garden accessories has a specific role in your overall garden design. They provide a focal point where you and your family can come together and enjoy the natural beauty of your garden.

Apart from sections on garden design, flowers, and garden accessories, there are also sections on garden tools, recipes using flowers, flower decorations, centerpiece flowers, bouquet flowers, and even the special meanings associated with different flowers.


You can now design and construct beautiful gardens at your home by getting info related to garden design at egardendesign.eu.

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Modern living room design ideas | Living Room ideas

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Living room serves a lot of purposes at home, may be it watching television, listening to music or welcoming guests. The living room should be designed in such a way that it is spacious, attractive and most important – it should be comfortable. Whatever theme you use in designing the living room, it should be easy to maintain. The living room design should be appealing to everyone who visits your house. Hence you need to give special attention while designing the living room. There are plenty of living room interior design ideas and you need to choose one that will fit in your budget and one that can be implemented well in the living room space available. Modern, Rustic and Eclectic living rooms are some of the popular living room decorating ideas implemented by many home owners. Let us have a look at each of these living room designs ideas below.Modern Living Room Modernizing the living room is the latest trend for improving the home decor.

A modern living room is functional and uses the living room space very efficiently. These living rooms are spacious and uncluttered. Almost every modern furniture is simple, functional and mainly serves the purpose of storage. Many of the furnitures used are geometric in shape. The cabinets used are closed types that store things and at the same time give uncluttered look to the room. Modern living rooms make use of very bright colors. The furniture color and the color of the walls should contrast each other to give an ultra modern look to the living room. The colors used should be bold, yet pleasant. See that you do not modernize the living room to a great extent. Add some antique frames or art pieces to improve the room décor.Rustic Living Room Rustic living room is the best way to give your living room a natural feel. Rustic decor has always been a favorite choice of homeowners when it comes to giving a unique look to the living room. A rustic living room is very comfortable and the best place to relax. There are number of ways to give rustic feel to the living room. The colors used for rustic living room should be ones that are more prominent in nature. Red, wood tones, brown are the colors that are widely used for such type of living room design. Cover the flooring with area rugs. Wall hangings like antlers, animal heads, old lamps and old rifles have a special place in rustic living room design ideas. Use quilts to cover your sofa and other furniture of the living room. Rustic living room is the best way to reflect your personal interests.Eclectic Living Room Designing an eclectic living room is nothing but mix and match of various themes that includes traditional and modern designs. Eclectic design is basically a combination of art forms of all the eras. The combination should be done in such a way that the accessories used blend well with each other without ruining the beauty of the living room. The furniture and the accessories should be placed such that the combination does not look random. There should be a proper planning to pose them at the right place.Living room design ideas are endless. Living room should be designed properly, it being the place where maximum time is spent by the family. While designing the living room the factors that should be considered are space and comfort. In addition to that, you can use your own creativity that will reflect your interests and style to give it a more personalized look. Happy “Living”!


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Interior Design: Antique Lighting

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Lighting is an essential feature of interior design. Clearly, we need light to be able to see, but there is much more to lighting than simply the addition of a light fixture. For instance, in a home environment, excessively bright light is a big no-no. Ambience is what we should create in our living quarters, and very bright light makes for an uncomfortable experience when trying to relax. For living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms, what we need is subdued lighting to create a perfectly harmonious atmosphere.

In order to decorate a room well, the lighting must be just right, not to dark, and certainly not too bright. Furniture may be expensive, curtains and carpets the epitome of luxury, but if the lighting is wrong, the room will feel at odds with itself.

Antique lighting fixtures are perfect as a means of lighting a room. Frequently, they are unable to emit excessively bright light, which is a bonus. Moreover, by using an antique light as a primary, or secondary, source of lighting, you simply add to the interior design they stand in their own right as a decorative item, much like an item of furniture or a painting will do. To classify a light as an antique, it must be at least a century old.

Antique lighting is a broad, umbrella term to describe all lights over 100 years old. As such, there are huge variations between the items available for purchase. This is great news, because it means a great deal of choice. Interior designers will suggest purchasing items that fit within the general period of the room. Therefore, for modern decor, you would think that it is difficult to find a suitable antique light, but this is not the case, popular contemporary styles often reflect past trends. Moreover, by choosing antiques that are unique, you ensure they do not fit a particular era per se, individuality tends to suit any look and so can normally fit with any style of decoration providing you select the item carefully and with thought.

With a decorative antique light, you can choose them as a main source of lighting or as a secondary source. Depending on which type you want, their brightness should vary: primary sources of light do need to be a little darker than secondary sources.

When purchasing antique lighting, bear in mind the novelty factor. Antique lights are not a novelty; they are intended to act as an exquisite focal point to a room, and not as a garish or gaudy addition. You should avoid Betty Boop-style lighting for instance!

Remember, the way in which you decorate a room, and the lighting that you use, are a reflection of your personality; if you like it, it is ok. Nevertheless, when decorating a home, soft lighting is best for creating a relaxed and tranquil environment.

You can browse an exceptional collection of antique lighting at http://www.periodstylelighting.co.uk; their range of lamps is truly breathtaking.

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Popular Living Room Design Ideas

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Decorating a living room shouldn’t be too extravagant and expensive. If you are in a tight budget, you can always do it yourself instead of hiring an interior designer; but if you can afford to hire a good designer, then why not. You can plan ahead and check for designs on the internet or magazines to visualize the effect on your actual living room.

Classic design is what most homes have. It is in everyone’s comfort zone until people want to break free. Generally this style has warm textures and offer a cozy, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The furniture has sharp edges that make it quite distinct. Some people will live their lives in such a homey ambient and will not change it for the world.

The Mediterranean look can be popular and easy to create. Colors will reflect those found in nature, such as sky blue and sea green.

Make use of archways and terracotta tiles. Furniture can extend from simple and functional to bronze, wrought-iron, and formal.

When planning for a living room design treatment, think of the entire family’s needs. If you are single, it would be an easy thing to do to think of your needs, however, most homeowners have some type of family, or roommate situation to consider. Thus, it is first necessary to look at their needs, before designing your idea of a perfect living room.

The use of traditional materials like bamboo and rattan can also make the central theme for designing the interior of a living room. Once you decide on using such a material, the other decorating and furnishing also seems to be automatically decided.

The clash of these two very different styles could have meant an awful compromise. Instead the best of both was retained and the result was magnificent. The straight lines, symmetry and control of the Palladian style served to restrain the more excessive fluidity and glitz of the rococo interpretation.

There are a few traditional kinds of fabrics that will work well in this room. It should be quite understated such as a stripe. You can also really just experiment and play around a lot with texture. For instance, you can mix and match different microsuedes and leathers. This is a very popular look. Sometimes the base of the sofa will be a chocolate brown leather and the cushions will be a tan or sage green.

The latest popular trend in decorative painting for the living rooms is creating a fake effect of popularly known as faux effect. You can achieve a brick like appearance to your walls or even a marble look. More creatively, the paint can be used to produce an artificial, yet real looking leathery or suede textures that give a very sophisticated look to living rooms.

To hide the electronics, lattice doors can be fitted which still let the remote controls of your television work even when they are closed. All this can be designed and does not need to break the bank.

Other choices that might often help to make a final selection is whether the lamp has a dimmer switch. Also, popular features include whether it lights up the floor or the ceiling above it; if it is adjustable in height; and whether the light itself can be angled and moved around easily.

Installing the vinyl type floorings are another great flooring idea. Resilient type floors are not only being used for kitchens and bathrooms for their looks but also for the fact they are better in those humid conditions. The availability of these vinyl floorings in colors and patterns is making them popular world wide.

Your choice of living room furniture can be coloured by advertising, availability of the desired pieces and prices but ultimately the end purchase is a subjective choice reflecting your personal preferences. Where you purchase is also a personal whim but more and more customers are shopping on line and are finding real bargains.

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Bathroom Cabinets Design

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The bathroom cabinet’s design is one of the most important decisions in your home. In the rush of building a new home or remodeling, careful attention should be paid to the bathroom. This is usually where the day starts, so it is important that the design of the bathroom is without errors. Cabinets come at a certain height and width, but taller persons may be quite uncomfortable using a standard size cabinet. Cabinets that have to be site built, or special built, may cost a little more, but considering the time period they are going to be used, it is money well spent.

A close look at the drawers in a cabinet will not only show how they are designed, but also how well they work. Not only will they operate smoothly, but there should be enough drawers to store all the modern devices found in today’s bathrooms. Even more expensive cabinets sometimes compromise on the quality of the drawers.

They need to be sturdy enough and large enough to hold heavy items like electric curlers and hair dryers. The slides on the drawer should operate smoothly, and the drawer should not wobble.

Close attention needs to be paid to the bottom of the drawers. How thick the material is, and how it is held in place, will determine how long it will last under heavy use. Smaller drawers should be available for more personal items, and should be placed in a part of the cabinet where they can be easily reached. Very few cabinets make good use of the space under the sink. This area usually winds up with exposed pipes, and in some, the unfinished back wall can be seen. More consideration seems to be given to the plumber than the homeowner.

The exterior of many cabinets is often made of particleboard covered with a paper like material.

These often look very good, but may not hold up well in a bathroom with heavy traffic and small children. Cabinets that are painted may require more labor initially, but they can usually be cleaned without harming the finish, and they can be more easily touched up if they are stained or chipped. The material under the finish needs to be carefully selected for strength and durability. Being constantly exposed to moisture can cause some cabinets to warp.

Choosing the hardware for a bathroom cabinet’s design should be based on more than just looks. Knobs and pulls need to be smooth to the touch, and should have enough surface to be easily gripped. The hinges can be exposed or hidden, but once that choice is made it is not easily changed when remodeling later. Doors that don’t close properly will not be a problem if the hinges are carefully selected. Spending a little time choosing the bathroom cabinet’s design can be fun, and make your new bathroom more enjoyable.

You can learn about new bathroom design, and get much more information about bathroom designs at small bathroom design.

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Functionality in Interior Design

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When you are looking to start an interior design project for your next room, you will want to make sure that you do not get so carried away with your design project that you make the room uncomfortable and uninhabitable. It is easy to get excited about all of the great finds that you are making and end up purchasing them all. This can lead to be a disaster because the room could end up being so crowded that a person may end up feeling overwhelmed in it. If walking across the room means that you have to make a few twists and turns, you should realize that you have gone overboard.

Functionality is important with interior design because it will give you the ability to make sure that a room is still open and welcoming. It means that everyone will be able to interact within your room, whether it be sitting on furniture and holding a discussion or mingling around, perhaps with a party.

Your future group may wish to all play a game together and you will need room to accommodate this. Functionality means that not only is there enough space for everyone to sit around but enough room for those same people to all stand and interact with each other as well.

This will largely relate to the amount of furniture that you put into a room. Between sofas, armchairs, and just casual seating, you will want to have enough seating in a room to fit a fair amount of people. At the same time, a good rule of thumb would be to have a table for every chair. People always like to have something to drink with them and providing enough space for every chair to have a table to rest a drink on can be important.

Functionality expands to more than just furniture, however. Lighting is another important quality that you will need to allow for when interior designing.

If the room does not have enough light for everyone to see what is going on, it will be much harder to entertain people who come to visit. Having enough lighting is important as well as making sure that the lighting is comfortable and not too harsh or too dim.

An area rug may also be an important form of functionality. Many beautiful spaces have wooden floors and while these can look great, they can become especially cold in the winter months. An area rug can help to solve this problem because the area rug will provide some insulation against this chill, helping to keep the heat in the house and escaping through the floorboards.

When you are planning the layout of a room, always keep in mind that you will need to give the room the space to breathe. If everything is too cramped in the room, none of your guests will feel comfortable in it and they will stop spending time in your space. Giving everyone the feeling of being open, yet cozy, will work wonders, however, and make your room be the greatest destination for all future parties.

Home Design has never been so easy with these gray rugs.

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Interior Design Paint Colors | Interior Design Color

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Since there are a variety of popular interior paint colors available in the market, people generally, get confused as to which one’s would suit their house interiors better. However, with some simple considerations, you can easily determine which colors will look good on your house walls. Let us discuss how to choose appropriate one’s from the many, popular interior decorating colors.When it comes to choosing popular interior point colors; you have to consider many aspects such as the size of the room, what colors do you prefer, what do you want to use the room for, what style of home furniture and floor you have, room lighting, and similar others. If you want to make the size of the room look bigger, you need to go in for colors which are cool and light. For giving the appearance of a smaller room, darker and warm colors are more suitable.In choosing interior paint colors, you also need to think what you will using the room for.

If you are going to paint a bedroom which is used for sleeping or relaxing, it is better that you have softer shades that will not make the room much brighter. If it is a kids room that you want to paint, you can simply choose any type of color, color combination, and design patterns. If it is the living room that you want to paint, you can choose colors that have a welcoming touch to it, so that the guests will feel welcomed.When it comes to choosing popular interior point colors; you have to consider many aspects such as the size of the room, what colors do you prefer, what do you want to use the room for, what style of home furniture and floor you have, room lighting, and similar others. If you want to make the size of the room look bigger, you need to go in for colors which are cool and light. For giving the appearance of a smaller room, darker and warm colors are more suitable.In choosing interior paint colors, you also need to think what you will using the room for. If you are going to paint a bedroom which is used for sleeping or relaxing, it is better that you have softer shades that will not make the room much brighter. If it is a kids room that you want to paint, you can simply choose any type of color, color combination, and design patterns. If it is the living room that you want to paint, you can choose colors that have a welcoming touch to it, so that the guests will feel welcomed.


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Office interior design ideas

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Office interior design ideas


If you are planning to renovate your old office or having an idea to set up a new office, then possibly you will have various ideas about designing.  While designing your office space it is necessary to hold a particular theme according to the work structure. Moreover, the office space should be designed in comfort and style that will help the employees to enjoy their work. Uncomfortable or cozy furniture will certainly cause more disturbances and reduces the productivity. You can give out your office interior project to experienced designers, which they work on team basis for complete reconstruction.   Here listing some of best ideas to keep in mind when designing the office space.


Best office interior design ideas


If designing for a large or corporate sector it is essential to consult or get guidance from reputed interior designers.   There are best professional office interior designing in Chennai, which offers solutions to all major office and corporate interiors.
Plan your work space and decide things you require. If possible exchange your old furniture or renew them with suitable measures.
You can select materials based on wood finishes that will help you to give long-lasting and shining performance for decades. Changing the furniture often or replacing them with new materials should be avoided by fixing onetime best furniture as per your needs and budget.
There are various brands holding teak wood furniture. Select office chair, executive room models, reception tables and chair, and other required furniture under warranties. Teak boards and furniture can be designed as per your creativity that will help to render a peaceful as well comfortable office space.
Office interior designs in Chennai are highly affordable with wide range of options.
With consulting an interior designer, they will offer simple and easy solutions for any kind of complex or large work space.
You can share your ideas and interior opinions with your designer, which they can assist you in finding suitable furniture as per the requirement.
Moreover, you can search at interior designing websites that help you to get updated with latest available models and materials arrived in market.
Modular office furniture serves as the best furniture for all kinds of office space. You can easily assemble, fix and can even move them without any assistance of the interiors.
If planning to expand your work space in future then modular office furniture is the right solution. Each of its models is available in various shades and ranges, which you can choose according to the theme of your office interior. Furthermore, they are affordable and serve as the right furniture for small to large budget individuals.



Office interior should be planned and designed in a way to reflect an image and purpose of business taking place or operating in the office. It is necessary to take into account the number and work of the employees involved in the office. Office interior designing requires professional designers to handle the process in an easy style.  They are affordable and offer cost effective solutions in short period of time. Moreover, you can get your project completed at the promised time. They work to render complete professional workspace.


 For more details and solutions regarding office interior designs, just click the following link.


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Bathroom mirror cabinets – Bathroom Cabinets Design

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Cabinet’s’ The design of the bathroom is one of the most important decisions in your home. In the frenzy to build a new home or renovation, special attention should be paid to the bathroom. This is usually when the day begins, it is important that the design of the bathroom is without error. Governments as a certain height and width, But Can Be larger individuals very uncomfortable with a standard size cabinet. Lockers must be thatSite built, were built or special, may cost a bit ‘more, but given the time you intend to use, it is money well spent.


A closer look at the drawers in a cabinet, not only shows how they have designed, but also how well they work.

Not only work smoothly, but there should be lots of drawers to store all the modern equipment found in today’s bathrooms. Even expensive cabinets sometimes compromise the quality of the drawers. You have to bestable enough and big enough to hold heavy objects, such as electric hair curlers and hair dryers. The drawer slides should work without problems, and the tray should not wobble.

Particular attention must be paid at the bottom of drawers. What is the thickness of the material is, and how they determine is held in place for how long in conditions of extreme use. Smaller items should drawers available to other staff and should be easy in a part of the body where they canreached.

Very good use some wardrobe space under the sink. This area usually ends with exposed pipes, and in some, the unfinished back wall to see. More thought seems to be a plumber is given as the homeowner.

The exterior is often covered particleboard cabinets, many with a paper like material. These often look very good, but can not take a bath and in heavy traffic and small children. Cabinets that arepainting may require more work initially, but can be cleaned normally without damaging the surface, and can also more easily chipped or stained when they are touched. The material below the surface must be carefully selected for strength and durability. Being constantly exposed to moisture can warp some cabinets


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Living room furniture sofas design | Living Room ideas

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The way we design and decorate our houses, reveals a lot about our personality, likings and preferences. The living room of the house, is the first place which guests get to see upon their arrival in our house. That is why, living room layout, design and decoration, needs special emphasis. While planning a living room layout, right placement of furniture is very necessary, so is the right amount of circulation space, conversation space, etc. If you are looking for the perfect living room layout, then here are some useful tips and ideas on the same, which you can make use of. Read more on living room decorating.When planning living room layout designs, the first thing that you should decide upon is the placement of the sofa, and the rest of the things such as where to put cabinets, accessories, side tables, chairs, etc, should follow later. The way sofas are placed in the living room, will determine the kind of conversation space that you will have.

Ideally, sofas, along with chairs, should be kept in a U shape arrangement, so that when the guests are seated on them and chatting, they face each other. Another option, if you have a smaller space, is to go in for an L shaped sofa arrangement. For a very large living room, placing two, three seater sofas, facing each other, with a round table in between them, will look good. Read more on decorating ideas for living rooms.The living room furniture layout is always planned, keeping the focal point of the room in mind. This natural focal point can be anything, be it a beautiful antique fireplace or a picture window which has an amazing view. The furniture of the living room should be placed in such a way, that everybody’s eyes are drawn towards this focal point. Its generally seen that in many homes, television serves this purpose, however, it should be avoided as far as possible, as this concept of placing all the furniture facing the television has become very common. Instead, opt for a pair of French doors, and keep it as the focal point for the living room. Read more on how to arrange living room furniture.Living room layouts should be designed in such a way, that there is no obstruction in the movement, caused due to the placement of the sofas, chair, tables and other furniture. A good way to ensure that is to draw a map of your living room, which includes everything, such as the entrance door, windows, fireplace, columns and cabinets. Once the map is done, draw imaginary lines from the entrance door to the windows as well as the other doors, which open to the other rooms in the house. Now, make sure that no furniture item is placed on these travel lines. Read more on living room furniture layout.Read more on interior decorating.I hope the above mentioned tips on living room layouts will be useful, when you set out to design one for your house. There are a number of other things that a person can do to create a balance in his living space. For example, opting for armless sofas and chairs, if the room is small, will create the illusion of more space. Buying furniture and accessories, in pairs lends a symmetry and unmatchable beauty to the room too. So, go ahead and buy two similar looking chairs, lamps, end tables and cabinets for the living room. If you follow these simple basic rules, while designing your living room, with a dash of creative thinking from your side, your dream living room will no longer be a dream


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