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How to Convert Your TV into an Interactive Multi-Touch Display

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To have a large touch screen monitor or television is everyone’s dream today. With modern technology and some advanced features offered, it is undoubted there will be a lot of great things we can do with it. However, many of us find ourselves can’t afford to purchase those touch-screen display or TV. As we all know, the price for the device can reach thousand dollars, and for many of us, the price is just out of our reach. In other case, many people find themselves really comfortable with their conventional LCD/LED screen display or TV. And purchasing a whole new device only for a touch-screen feature is surely not an option.


And to solve the situation, Tabler TV device was created. Instead of purchasing a whole new touch-screen display unit, now you can add the feature to your current TV instead. Yes, Tabler TV is a new “add-on” that would convert your conventional LCD/LED TV into a modern touch-screen display. By installing Tabler TV, you can get all the features and excitements from a modern real touch-screen TV, but with lesser cost on it. That means you don’t have to lose arms and legs to be able to fulfill your modern desire for having a touch-screen TV or display.


If you are interested to know more about creating Large Multi-Touch Screen TV Monitor, you can visit the Tabler’s official web page at Tabler.TV. Here you will be able to learn many things about Tabler device and how it will be useful to use their product for your conference room, school, hospital, or any other business spaces you might have.

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Convert video/audio to Windows Media Player

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There are dozens of video/audio formats been widely used on the internet. It’s truth that Windows Media Player is limited by media format incompatible problem. The usually supported format is WMV, WMA, ASF, WAV or MP3. It sucks! Do you want to enjoy any movie/music formats on Windows Media Player?

ASF(Advanced Systems Format) is Microsoft’s proprietary digital audio/digital video container format, especially meant for streaming media.

Windows Media Player 12 adds native support for H.264/MPEG-4 video formats, AAC audio and 3GP, MP4 and MOV container formats. Besides, it adds “Burn” function. But whatever, i think it’s not enough, e.g. about burn:  DVD format – VOB, CD format – AIFF.

Well, actually, it’s easy to play those incompatible formats on WMP, you just need a full version of converter, and convert them to formats WMV, WMA etc mentioned above.

Step by step instruction:

1. Free download Video Download Studio and install it on your computer. Launch and tab Download to Convert. Add the video/audio file by click Add button.(You can also use Video Sharer to free download online videos.)

2. Click Profit, put the cursor on General Video/General Audio, and you can choose any WMP formats. Set the storage destination for the converted file.

3. Click the Convert button. Click Open for converted files. Video Sharer also support batch conversion and batch downloading.

Ok, just as you see, convert audio/video to Windows Media Player is such a simple thing, my dear never be hesitate to get a free trial.

hope it can help you more or less!

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